We are selling Japanese used Anime & Manga.

Acceptance of Special Order (Deputy Shopping Service) is start.


How to order

1.Please fill the order form or send us e-mail.
E-mail must contents your address, zip-code, name(Mr,orMs.), telephone number, goods titles,
their author, their prices, type of shipping and the way of payment
. COPY & PASTE is useful.
2.After we accept your order, we reply to you an e-mail for confirmation.
In the e-mail contents are conditions of your order, total amount(good's prices + all shipping and handling costs)
*Shipping methods--->EMS(Express Airmail), Only one

POSTAGE(Via EMS-Express Airmail for U.S.A. and EUROPE/Under 2kg)

caution:If you need customs duties, it's your own costs.
3.When you get our confirmation e-mail, you have to reconfirm it.
If its contents are current, send back the e-mail as just like.
If not current, check and write on the e-mail to reply.

caution;Please sure to send back, you not send back your order make cancel.
Or when we accept your payment, we think you to confirm the e-mail.

4.We accept your e-mail of confirmation and your payment, we will send goods for you ASAP.
Payment: We can accept bellow method only,and please pay by JPY(yen-base)

*PayPal(Pay us securely with your Credit card through PayPal!)

*Our Paypal Account Name is ---->

caution: We can't accept bank trancefer, cash, personal check, Postal Money order(Domestic),credit card(directly)

5.When your goods arrive, please confirm goods for current your order and not broken.
If your goodss are broken, contact us by e-mail as soon as you can.(at least in a week).
We change your goods to good ones.

caution:If you needs custom duties, it's your own cost.(Some countries need it.)

*How many days spend to Arrival ? (Via EMS from Japan)

Shipping method EMS(Express Airmail)
standard (About) 3 to 7 days or so

Acceptance of Special Order (Deputy Shopping Service) is start.

1.Language is Japanese all.
2.All of our goods are used.
So their conditions are not always excellent.
3.Selling in individual parts of set goods has not been carried out.

*For Books,Posters.
1.All of our books are Written in Japanese.

2.All of our books are used.
So their conditions are not always excellent.
We make a condition lacks, following.
B---good, but paper's color turn to light yellow.
C---so so, but papers' color turn to orange and sometime
with some tear drops.
3.Some of YAOI manga & DOUJINSHI have adult contents.
So, we don't sell these mangas under 21.

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*Acceptance of Special Order (Deputy Shopping Service) is start.