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Special Order (Deputy Shopping Service)

Acceptance of Special Order (Deputy Shopping Service as Your Agent) is start.

It is the service which buys the goods of your hope currently selling in Japan instead of you, and we send to you.

*When that the store with a goods needed is known does not understand Japanese and you cannot buy it.
*When the store does not sell to the store with a goods needed being known abroad.
*Although it wants and the name is known, when the store currently sold is not known.

Many inquiries are brought near also by our company.

We can broker the transaction for you as your agent.
Please do not hesitate to consult with us.

It investigates whether you can buy the goods and we contact you.
An estimate is given when we can buy it.
Only in consultation, a service charge does not obtain.
But the investigation(looking for the item's listing in Japan) expense is obtained separately.
Although it may not attach to hope, please forgive in that case.
Required expense and the costs are as follows.
*Goods price
*Consumption tax in Japan (5%)
*Shipping cost in our country (in Japan)
*Shipping and Handling cost to visitor's house (EMS/Express Airmail,)
*Deputy Fee (amount of regulation of our company)
*Please pay by JPY(yen-base)

Goods price(JPY) Fee(JPY)
1-3,000 1,000-
3,001-5,000 2,000-
5,001-10,000 3,000-
10,001-20,000 4,000-
20,001-30,000 6,000-
30,001-50,000 10,000-
50,001-----> Goods price x 20%
Consultation 0.00-/Free
Investigation 1,000-/1 affair
Auction site 1,000-/1 affair

The Deputy Bid at an Auction site is start.

Notes in case your needed goods are in an auction site
The goods are bidded down to us at an auction site instead of you,
The period of the 2nd day or more has an auction till the end.
Please let us know your budget at the auction
Please pay only goods price(your budget price of the auction) as a deposit first.
Please pay a deposit 48 hours before the end of the auction.
The goods of an auction site require the time and the effort(bidded down) than the store site.
We obtain a bidding Fee(JPY 1,000-/1 affair) apart from the usual Fee.
When we lose at the auction, and also your goods can't obtained, please pay a bidding Fee too.
A reason is that we executed the bid by proxy on your budget.Please understand.
A bidding Fee is pulled from your deposit and the balance is refunded.


*The Fee is generated for each order separately.
*The store where you have carried goods is not known,
But to request looking for the goods of choice from the beginning,
you need to pay the Fee(JPY1,000-/1 affair) for our investigation.
In the following cases, it cannot take over.
*The handling of the thing referring to the law of the country of Japan and yours cannot be performed.
*The handling of a living thing cannot be performed.
Cancellation after an order cannot be performed.
This dealing is the service which buys by your deputy purchase as your agent in Japan,
and we send to overseas to the last.
Because our company also has to buy goods from the other company.
Please understand that this is an order specially.

Please order by an email./ANIME@shop-yamada.com

Please ask for details.

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Thank you very much